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At The Indiana Institute for Behavior Analysis, our ABA Therapy programs are uniquely designed to meet your child's needs. We have an 'open door' policy and involve the entire family in treatment. We program 'outside of the box' so that we are meeting the unique needs of every learner. We provide SLP and OT services in our center and collaborate with with doctorsand school personnel in order to provide the best supports for your child.

Kindergarten Guide

Early Intervention Services

Raising Hands

School Transition Services

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Older Learners

Toddler & Preschool

The Indiana Institute for Behavior Analysis offers early intervention services that focus on increasing communication, decreasing problem behaviors, and increasing your child's ability to do more things independently!

School Age Services

Our classroom learning environment is the perfect space to increase behaviors that will help your learner transition to a school setting.  Our classroom runs like a typical school day, with your child receiving 1:1 support to learn skills that will help them to be successful in the school setting.

Older Learners

Autism affects the individual across the lifespan.  We don't cut services once a certain age is reached. We recognize that learners acquire new behaviors at their own rate, and that when a diagnosis is made late, a learner may require services for a lengthier period of time. Our programs for older learners focus on skills they need to acquire to live indendently.


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